I haven’t been blogging that much so what i’ve been doing lately…..

* Shelving


* Making Bookmarks (mine was on Harry Potter)
* Making Displays

* Weeding

andd that’s basically it!



Today all i did was shelve books, dvds, and tv series. i came in early and shelved the young adult books and then did the children fiction. Later i shelved the adult fiction and urban fiction. Lastly i helped my poor co-worker who was still shelving picture books for the whole day.


Ok yesturday i forgot to blog,,so heres what happened..

I went to MLK to have training on finicial literacy. At first i thought it would be boring but we soon played games and i figured out how much leaving on a low salary. To be honest it has inspired me to work harder in school so  i wont have to live off of an income that low. After playing games i left to go to Shepherd Park Library. The bus ride was longg but i still got tropicana! (a carribean resturant). After lunch i finished a display for Hary Potter’s Birthday.

So Today…

I came into work on time and immdiatly started to shelv fiction chapter children books. Then Antonio needed help with the non-fiction since they have numbers and aren’t alphabetical. After that we cleaned the library book store and tore up boxes. I read some books and now im doing my blog.

A Full Workday

Like the title was a FULL workday. I came in and immdiatelybegan organizing children fiction E (easy) books. So me and my co-worker spent about 2 hours organizing books and TRIED puttin them on the shelves, but the shelves were so unorganized that it was impossible to put anymore books on the children’s shelves. So from there we took our break to McDonalds, and then proceeded to eat it. lol. From there all we basically did was do presentations for the books and now im doing a blog. It may not seem like a lot but i am  ready to go home.

Shepherd Park Library

Today after training i was sent to my work site (finally!) at Shepherd Park Library. I arrived right on schedule and saw that my co-worker Antonio beat me here, but none the less i arrived ready to work. Upon entering the library I had an impression that it would be very clean (from the look of the outside), and it proved me right. There were no stains on the floor and the air was very clean and of course this library was silent. I signed in at 1:30 and met a lady by the name of Courtney who helped us sign in and get us situated. After wards a lady by the name of Ms. McKinney took us up the authorized personal steps only into the “head” librarian’s office to talk about what I and my co-worker would be doing for the summer. Her name was Ms. Jamiliah (thinks that’s how you spell it). She was very well prepared for meeting us and knew my name when I walked in the door. She seemed very cool and easy to get along with and lets us use ipods. She really doesn’t look like a regular librarian but I’m sure by time here will be fun. We then took a little tour of the building(tomorrows the big tour),and found the bathrooms a little well “unkept”, but otherwise i feel I will have a nice summer working here at Shepherd Park Library.